Introducing the Creative Iteration blog

“Entrepreneur” has historically referred to a risk-taking creator of businesses. However, over the last several years, the term has started to be applied to people who share the characteristics of entrepreneurial businesspeople. These include:

  • acting rather than talking or planning
  • solving problems through creativity as well as perseverance
  • believing that the world and people are malleable and changeable
  • using experimentation and failure as critical tools for learning
  • viewing even problematic situations opportunistically
  • questioning existing assumptions and constraints
  • asking forgiveness rather than permission

Recognition that this mindset has applications outside of business has been known for years by designers, artists and other “creative” types. However, as the depth and breadth of change accelerates, these approaches are now becming not only applicable but imperative to the education, careers and lives of an increasing percentage of people.

The Creative Iteration blog will explore seeing our world, our lives and and our careers though the view of an entrepreneurial mindset.

I would love to hear from anyone who has feedback, ideas or comments on this topic, so if any this resonates with you, get in touch! You can find me at @pwelter on Twitter or email at

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